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A Special Thank You

As of June 1, I'll be joining many of you in the vast ranks of America's unemployed. This week was rough -- pushing the "Terminate Employee" tab under your own name in ADP is not much fun. But, it's true - we're all in this together, especially as we watch the unemployment figures tumble and the gains of the last decade wiped away in less than 3 month. For those of us in a leadership positions, we know that it's great when it's great, but when it goes south even the strongest can crumble.

Truly, these are the moments that test you and make you who you are. Leadership is sometimes less about making good things happen and more about knowing when to do what's right and what's best for others in their time of need. So, hold a hand. Care for each other. Be fair. Be kind. Be wise. Be calm. Muster your own courage and do what's best for those who depend on you. That's what leaders do.

I'm truly grateful to everyone I've had the honor, privilege, and opportunity to work with over the past 4+ years at Alda Communication Training (ACT). I cherish each of you - your talents, your humor, your professionalism, and your unwavering dedication to better, more clear, more vivid science communication. Your contributions to Alan Alda's mission have impacted the world for the better and what you have done -- and will continue to do through the Alda Center -- will matter now more than ever! Thank you and keep heart, keep steady, and keep us all safe.

Building a company with Alan Alda will absolutely be the highlight of my life. We never could have prepared for the hardships that the past few months have brought to the world, but because of the actions taken by Alan, our board, and the company, what we built will go on. A company is just a company, but a real vision - a real mission -- that is something bold, inspired. What Alan has built is a legacy and it will endure in each of us. I want to thank all of you out there who make this possible! Keep up the mission.

I also want to thank the thousands of scientists, doctors, nurses, and researchers on the frontlines - some of you have gone through our training, and now we see you out there 24/7 doing your best and giving every ounce of your energy to keep us alive. That's something beyond any training imaginable. That's your heart and that spirit of care that thrives in you - let it shine and know we thank you beyond words. Hold strong.

As for me, I'm going to gear up for my next adventure. I'm deeply saddened to let ACT go, but I know it's time. So my friends, as Alan likes to say ... "Stay playful. Have fun. Keep searching."

With love, respect, and all my gratitude,


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